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This project was a complete leap of faith and after having seen the hospitality and restauration industry only from the perspective of a guest and an employee during my student years. I completed a gastronomical marathon by creating a sustainable concept, setting up local and regional partnerships, recruiting staff and programming/designing a website all within 7 weeks from "Ok, let's do this!" to opening the doors on August 30 2019.

The concept was designed in such a way that traditional elements of the restaurant could be retained while still taking into account current aspects such as sustainability and the involvement of local suppliers and producers. By offering daily freshly prepared menus (max. 5 different dishes per day) with mostly local, regional and domestic produce, it was possible to focus even more on the quality and preparation of the dishes. Also, we were able to keep food waste and surplus at an absolute minimum. During the 7-months-period we were also able to carry out various events and caterings in addition to our daily business. The concept was a complete success and conclusion of this phase is that it is not necessary to have a wide selection of dishes but much rather reliable quality and honest dishes, that taste like "home".

An essential aspect of a successful concept is, to trigger an emotion in the customer/guest while the essence of hospitality is to always provide a welcoming atmosphere.

Due to Covid-19 the restaurant had to be closed on March 16 2020.

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